Google Data Studio | What is Data Studio and Importance

Google Data Studio | What is Data Studio and Importance

Are you a Blogger, Blogging Agency, YouTuber, Online Gamer, Email Marketer, Digital Marketer, Ads Campaign agency or individual, Cold Caller or any kind of Content Creator and you believe in the power of data then this post is definitely for you? If you are still unaware of the power of data and want to have a look into it, well you are also welcomed. We are, and we believe in making life easier for everyone with a different approach (also our Tag line). This post will cover why Google Data Studio is a tool that everyone should focus upon and Why Data Studio solutions are worth taking?

What is Data?

Data needs no introduction as it is the current ruling king of the content, Game, AI world and will remain undisputed champion for a really long time. There is a popular quote that every company will be a data company in future. Tonnes of data is created online every day in the form of web pages, videos, animations, chats, emails, Campaigns and hundreds of different categories. Data is literally everything, from the last message you sent, the last video you watched, to your heartbeat, everything is data. But that’s not shocking. The thing that’s more interesting is Every Giant Tech company is using Data in one way or the other. Any company you can think about is using data. Let’s take some examples.

  • Tesla – Tesla cars uses AI which is trained on data and Tesla autopilot uses real-time data to drive.
  • Facebook – Who are you kidding with. This company has lawsuits for mishandling data at some points because it is completely data based company.
  • Google – Come on. Every webpage is nothing but data.
  • Amazon – Every sale they make is data.

All the giants are using data, and they will keep using it for making better decisions. Yes, for making better decisions.

How companies are using data for their benefits?

I took only four examples in the above block, but the list is of millions, but if you are wondering how these companies are using data then I can tell you some ways with which they’re using the data and turning huge profits only from it.

  • Facebook – Completely Ad based social media platform, they track user’s activity and interest along with the location and show them ads accordingly.
  • Google – Search Engine which tracks all the user activity and location to target ads accordingly.
  • Amazon – Uses your previous purchase data and Recommender systems that are used basically to understand the user’s shopping pattern to buy more stuff. The recommendation that you see on Amazon are due to these recommender systems.

So now you know that all the big data companies are targeting users on the basis of data. You might think that they are giants, and they have a large audience, but we are a small blog or a small marketing company, or a YouTube channel. Why do we need that data insight?

Why do you need Data insights for your business?

I am not interested in telling you what can happen with the data and lecturing you on why should you use the data. Instead, I am going to tell you what kind of Data is collected and What kind of Insights can be generated, and you decide for yourself whether you should choose Data or not.

  • If you are managing a campaign, then a proper Data Analysis on Google Data Studio can show you what were your most profitable campaign. You might a result like this campaign earned the most money, but most money does not mean that it was the most profitable one. You have to think in terms of ROI. Sometimes a campaign which earned a normal amount of money is ignored without the proper analysis. But this small sum can be the best return, and that means that you should focus more on it to get even better results.
  • If you’re a handling a blog and your source of earning is just Ads. You might get simple data like what your site earned in this period. If you drill down further you might get the data that this country was most revenue generating country or this blog post was most revenue generating blogpost but are these insights enough. These are just the beginning. You should know what country is giving you most traffic, which country is giving you most clicks on your blog, Which blog is doing but can be improved because the market is bigger, and you are getting only a small chunk of audience. All this can be done with proper Data Analysis on Google Data Studio.
  • If you have a blog with info-products on it. Google Data Studio and Google Analytics is must for then. You should know which of your product is most profitable. What kind of user is buying that most profitable product, Which country is contributing most in the number of buyers, and you better make a strategy to target that country to generate even more revenue.
  • If you are a YouTube channel. You will get simple insights from the YouTube dashboards already, and these insights are nothing but the data. Your YouTube data can help you learn more about your audience and can open more opportunities for you to generate more revenue for yourself. Example If you are doing review of different beauty products on your channel and all of a sudden one of your video get 5x views then your average, and now you start wondering how did this happen. You might get n number of thoughts for the possible reason of such a great response. But if you will look at the data you will understand what was the reason of such an amazing response. The reason can be anything, but the point is you will know those contributing factors, and then you start making similar content to retain that audience.
  • If you ran an ad campaign before Christmas and you got an amazing response and made huge profit this year. You will think that it was due to add campaign which is true but not everywhere your ad campaign was successful and i you will look at your data it will tell you that at few places your ads converted way better than the other areas. With only this data, you can save money on running the ads in those which were loss making for you and instead divert that amount to double the campaign in the areas that were very profitable for you. This way you can earn even more profit, and you do not have to do any extra effort. You just have to torture the data.

The same logic applies to Facebook insight, Google Surveys, Search Console, Amazon Redshift, Google Ad Manager 360, Facebook Ads insights, CRM data, Adobe data, Mailchimp Data and a hundred others.

Most popular tools for Data Analysis

Data Analysis is not a new thing. It was in the picture for a long time and there are dozens of tools available that can help you analyse the data, but we will discuss the most popular ones here, and we will exclude programming languages like R, Python or SQL.

Excel – Excel is one of the oldest Data Analysis tools, and it is still being used by many Data analysis firms. For data analysis in Excel, you need to remember lots of formulas and to make a dashboard in Excel you need a lot more effort as compared to the other tools which give you a direct opportunity to make dashboards. However, it is possible.

Tableau – Tableau is another Data Analysis and Visualization tool that is currently being used by industry experts now. Tableau covers a very big audience and its analysis scope is way beyond the normal tools. It is being for all kinds of data, It can be data from the search console, or it can be data from an Excel sheet. Tableau can do it all.

Power BI – Power BI is a tool launched by Microsoft, and It came after many years of the launch of Tableau. This tool is almost like Tableau, and it can be used to analyse data in a similar way. Power BI is comparatively easier to use for the smaller data but for the very big datasets. More tools from Microsoft Azure can be used, and Power BI works well with all of them.

Google Data StudioGoogle Data Studio is a tool from Google itself. After owning so many platforms, for the creators like YouTube, Blogger, Google Ads and many more, google engineers felt a need for the data analysis tool for its creators. There were lots of tools that can be used for data analysis purposes, but most of these tools were paid in one way or the other, and Google likes to offer services for free to its creator. So they came up with a solution and named it Google Data Studio.

Why Google Data Studio?

That is one good question that will be in your mind and I will love to tell you the reason Why you should use Data Studio Google.

  • First and the most powerful factor, Why you should use Data Studio, Google, is that it’s free. Yeah, it is completely free which means that anyone, no matter how small or big your project is, can use Google Data Studio without spending a penny. Most of the tools that are available in the market needs you to buy a license or subscription which incur a cost on you, and you might try to evade that cost hence you decide to not use your available data. But since Google Data Studio is completely free, so it doesn’t cost you anything to observe and make data based strategy for your blog, channel, campaign etc. Even if you hire someone for your Data Studio Solution, they cannot price up a lot because of zero cost of License. If you hire a Data Analyst for another tool, they will increase the price, and they will try to charge a part of their yearly subscription from your project.
  • Since it is a project of Google itself, it is reliable and many google engineers are working on it every day to make it better for you.
  • You do not need to download anything or update it ever. Now that’s a relief. Since Google Data Studio is directly hosted on Google’s website and do not have any downloadable version available. You never need to worry about the latest update or versions.
  • It’s easy to learn and use. If you do not want to hire a Data Analyst or a Data Studio Solution company like BuildPholio to make your reports. You can learn it on your own, and it is very easy to learn and make basic reports, but if you want a detailed report and need proper insights from Data Analyst then our team can surely help you with that. We are already doing it for a few of our clients, and they are loving it.
  • It can directly connect to your ongoing real time data. The data can be from your Ads Campaign, Email Campaign, Search Console, YouTube console, Facebook Pixel, Adobe, Mailchimp or anything else. It can directly connect with all the available services and serve you a report in the real time which will help you in making better decision while monitoring your report in the real time and changing your strategies accordingly.

How much it cost to hire a Data Studio specialist?

The cost to hire a Data Studio Solution expert from Buildpholio can vary according to your project size and the depth to which you want your reports to be.

  • Simple Reports with general insights can cost you around $80 to $120.
  • Regular Reports with more insights than a simple one can cost you around $120 to $250.
  • Medium Reports with all regular insight plus more insights can cost you around $250 to $500. This reports will include a few custom insights and detailed analysis which will give you an upper edge over your competitor.
  • High level reports with all the medium features plus more insights can cost you around $500 to $800. This reports will include an ample amount of custom insights which will surely help you in decision-making.
  • Advanced operation reports with all the high level features plus more features can cost you around $800 to $1400 and these reports will have many custom insights for you which are mostly ignored by the people but can help you in several ways.
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